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One of the most common questions we get is "how often should I change the oil"?  Well, our simple answer is every 5,000 miles.  Yes, even if your vehicle gets synthetic oil.  While we do know that with todays high quality oils, whether synthetic, conventional or blended, the chemical properties will hold up longer than 5,000 miles, but, it still gets "dirty".  Dirty with crankcase gases and general engine particulates created by normal wear and tear, which the oil filter helps capture, which means the filter also gets dirty and can begin to create an oil flow issue.  Yep, that's as bad as it sounds.  And yep, this applies to hybrid vehicles and diesel engines too. So that's our logic to oil change intervals for the sake of changing oil... Now, here's the equally important reason we suggest the 5,000 mile service interval.  "INSPECTIONS".  If you check your vehicles maintenance ... read more

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